About Tackle Guide

Tackle Guide started out life as the reviews section on our sister website, Talk Sea Fishing. We felt there was a niche to be filled by providing reviews of kit across the whole spectrum of angling, not just sea fishing. This is where Tackle Guide UK was born!

Our mission is simple, to create the best fishing tackle reviews we can do!

We’re going to do this with a combination of first-hand experience, taking the views of experts in their field, and combined that with the views of every day anglers. We’ll use this as a basis to write comprehensive reviews on a vast array of tackle. You can find a list of products we’ve got in the pipeline to review here.

We’re independent, and we want to only review products that we’ve bought ourselves. In fact, the days of tackle companies sending out freebies for favourable reviews have long gone. So, all the products you see on this website will either have been bought by us or by our members for review.

Some products we’ve purchased for review, we might not need after we’ve reviewed them. In that case, we’ll be selling these on or soon to be created eBay account.

How We Make Money

Tackle Guide is a free service that is entirely reader supported. We’ll select and review products independently, we’ll also take note of what the community wants to be reviewed and purchase those items accordingly as well. We only make money when you click one of the affiliate links in our reviews (these are clearly marked). Furthermore, we’ll receive a minimal portion of the sales revenue of this product when you buy it, but, it helps us to buy more products to review. It won’t cost you any extra.

We also have no adverts on the website and no sponsored articles. Everything we review, we will have genuinely bought to review on the website.

This is a new venture, and we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

Tight Lines

Mike Thrussell Jnr
Founder, Tackle Guide UK